Postales l'Arcada

L'Arcada son unos campamentos de verano que se hacen cerca de Banyoles (Girona). Cuenta con programas para todas las edades, gustos y colores: campamentos de inglés, campamento de indios, campamento de familias, campus de básquet, campamento de aventura... y por supuesto, necesita un montón de voluntarios que vengan a ayudar a hacer todo esto posible!

"The greatest adventure was to make great friends"

"Summer love"

"Overcome your expectations"

"At school they say we have to cross an ocean to be at the United States"

"It's a hard work, but it has its reward" (L'Arcada Team)

"Cooking can be exciting!"(L'Arcada Team)

"Rediscover your gifts" (L'Arcada Team)

"You end up in the most unexpected place" (L'Arcada Team)

"Yes. I love kids" (L'Arcada team)

"It's a team work" (l'Arcada team)

"We are the García family and, even it doesn't look like, we are from Mollet" (L'Arcada family camp)

"You are never too old to do the indian" ("to do the indian" it's a spanish expression that means: to play the fool or play around)

"Doing the indian without mum getting mad" (L'Arcada indian camp)

"It's never too late to do the indian" (l'Arcada Indian camp)

"Reach out/Jump to a different summer!"

"And we were sleeping in tipis!"

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