Introducing Oumarou to the world! (or the new image I created for Oumarou)

So, this is Oumarou, the child who inspired the name for the "Project/Program Oumarou" health and hope for the "victims of the silence" (deaf children). "Oumarou" encourages people to godfather one of these kids, so they can go to a special school where they will learn to speak with "sign language", and they will learn a profession in order to "have a future". In Burkina Faso, deaf people are marginalized, and unless you have money to pay one of this schools, you don't have a future. "With your help, we can help them", thats what emsimision thinks, and with the slogan: "health and hope here, there, now" they will certainly make a difference in this broken world!

WHY A BIRD? The bird is Oumarou's pet. He's a deaf child so he doesn't know how sounds the music, or his mum calling his name, or how a bird sings. Emsimision helps him, so now, he's not alone anymore, he could listen to a bird for the first time. He loved so much that sound, that they becomed friends.

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